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Cinema City keep票尾優惠

好消息!由2020年3月19日至4月29日,憑優惠期內Cinema City 任何場次之票尾,可享半價2D/2D全景聲購票優惠!記得keep票尾黎睇戲啦
1. 一律以成人正價之半價計
2. 憑票尾可於相同戲院之票房購票,但不適用於購買同一場次,票尾將收回作記錄之用
3. 半價折扣後之金額以整數計,半價票尾亦不能再作下次使用
4. 每張票尾只能換購半價戲票一張
4. 優惠適用於星期一至日及公眾假期
5. 優惠不適用於與電影發行商有特別協議之電影戲票,亦不能與其他優惠同時使用
6. 如有任何爭議,Cinema City保留最終決定權

With Cinema City’s 19 Mar-20 Apr2020 ticket stub, you can enjoy 50% off the regular-priced 2D/2D Atmos movie during the promotion period.
Terms & condition:
1. 50% off of the adult regular-priced ticket
2. Offer is only redeemable at the same cinema’s box office of the original ticket stub, but shall not purchase the same show. The original ticket stub should be collected.
3. Ticket price after discount shall be rounded up to the nearest digit.
4. Each original ticket stub can enjoy the discount once only.
5. Offer is applicable on Monday to Sunday and Public holidays.
6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer and to those films with special engagement with film distributors.
7. Cinema City reserves the right of the final decision on the offer
8. Promotion period is from 19March-29April, 2020

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