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[珀薈 4 月小遊戲] 每年嘅 4 月 7 日原來都係世界衞生日,今年主題將會係表揚世界各地護士同助產士對社會嘅貢獻。講到衞生同健康,相信大家最近都應該了解多左。而家玩遊戲贏獎品嘅機會又嚟啦!由 4 月 1 日至 4 月 14 日 11:59pm 前,留言講低你保持衞生的 3 個小方法,TAG 3個朋友,再讚好同埋分享此帖。
即有機會獲得一份 2 人 Uptop Bistro and Bar 維他命滿滿嘅柑橘五食晚餐乙份!
(結果將會於 4 月 16 日中午 12 時公佈,得獎者亦將會有專人通知)
[Popway April Game] World Health Day is celebrated each year on 7 April to raise the public health awareness. This year, the theme is to recognize the contributions made by nurses and midwives around the world. What can you think of when we talk about Health?
From now until 14 April 11:59pm, simply comment on this post 3 tips about Health and tag 3 friends, LIKE & SHARE the post.
Then you may have a chance to win a Vitamin C-itrus Set Dinner for two at Uptop Bistro and Bar!
(The result will be announced at 12:00nn on 16 April 2020, with the winner individually notified)