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PizzaExpress 快閃外賣優惠


探子回報 為咗嚮應4月係 #地球月,今個星期嘅 #快閃外賣優惠 係徇眾要求嘅素食不過我哋嘅素食菜式出咗名多選擇,係邊款呢?聽朝10點開估

同上星期一樣,#快閃外賣優惠 加強版 套餐有頭盤 ➕意粉➕薄餅都係$128

時段1: 取貨時間為下午3時30前➡早上至下午2時網上訂購
時段2: 取貨時間為下午3時30後➡下午2時30至晚上網上訂購

只要喺網上訂購結賬時輸入優惠碼'PEtreat4U',就可以$128買到優惠套餐而聽日經電話或親身‍♂到餐廳訂購則接受任何營業時間內之取貨時間,只要同我地講返優惠碼,同樣可以$128買到優惠套餐!每個時段每間餐廳限量100個名額 (即每日每間餐廳200個)。

A little bird told me too support April as the Earth Month, this week's #TakeawayFlashDeal are all vegetarian dishes Given our large variety of veggie choices, of course you can't tell which ones will be featured yet. We'll announce at 10 am tmr

Just like last week, the combo includes a starter ➕ pasta➕Pizza for $128 only.

To facilitate smoother ordering experience for you, online order will be taken in TWO different timeslots tomorrow as follow:
Option 1: Pick up time BEFORE 3:30 pm➡Order between morning and 2 pm
Option 2: Pick up time AFTER 3:30 pm➡Order between 2:30 pm and evening

Enter promo code PEtreat4U when ordering online to enjoy the combo at the discounted price $128.
For those ordering by phone or at our restaurant in person‍♂you are welcome to choose any pickup time within our business hours. You'll be entitled to purchase the combo at $128 for telling our staff the promo code There are 100 quotas for each timeslot in each restaurant (200 quotas total for each restaurant).