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Margherita Pizza 首15個半價出售

只限一天 為慶祝《新假期》評選我地嘅 Margherita Pizza 在眾多名店中脫穎而出,明天19/4/2020全線分店首15個Margherita Pizza 將以半價出售! 仲唔快啲打電話或PM我地訂位? ‍♀️ To celebrate our Margherita Pizza’s top notch rating, we are offering 50% off on the first 15 Margherita pizzas sold across our branches tomorrow, 19/4/2020. Hurry and book your table now!
TST 25980030 (open at noon)
Tsing Yi 21806162 (open at 11:30)
Tsuen Wan 29473866 (open at 11:30)
Tseung Kwan O 27998801 (open at 11)