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永安百貨 媽媽優惠價換購指定產品


媽媽為家庭付出咁多,梗係要對佢好啲啦~由即日起至2020年5月10號,凡購物滿 $300 或以上(淨值及以單壹發票計算)即可以優惠價換購指定產品,等你可以送多一份驚喜比媽媽~

詳情請參閱: https://shop.wingon.hk/5164
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Looking for more ways to thank mom? From now till May 10, 2020, any purchase of $300 or above (net amount and single invoice) will entitle you to redeem a selection of gifts at a special price. Show mom that extra bit of love!

For details, please refer to: https://shop.wingon.hk/5164
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