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Benefit Cosmetics 母親節限定優惠

Benefit Cosmetics

母親節限定優惠5月7日至10日,凡購買玫瑰金限量版 Precisely, My Brow 立體塑型眉筆及24-Hour Brow Setter 透明定型眉膏,即可獲贈「二人同行一人免費」皇牌蜜蠟修眉服務一次,仲有一大堆購物禮遇等緊大家,快啲去Benefit 專門店或專櫃了解更多!

Coz every queen deserves to be spoiled! ☺️ From today to May 10, treat your mama the NEW limited-edition Rose Gold Precisely my brow pencil & 24-hour brow setter and enjoy 2 for the price of 1 Benefit's signature brow wax*. We've also prepared different shopping offers for you to enjoy. come visit our boutiques & counters to check it out!

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