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一起細嚐4款期間限定的初夏飲品,令暑氣悶氣通通全消!立即完成以下簡單步驟,以獲得 #YogurtTimePOP 系列特飲(蜜梨梳打 / 紅莓柚子梳打)和 #ShakeItUp 系列特飲(手搖蜜梨啫喱冰茶/ 手搖紅莓柚子啫喱冰茶)買一送一優惠😍
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Quench your thirst with our early summer drinks today! Follow the simple steps below to enjoy buy-one-get-one-free on Williams Pear Soda, Cranberry Yuzu Soda, Iced Williams Pear Shaken Tea with Jelly and Iced Cranberry Yuzu Shaken Tea with Jelly😍
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