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有機會獲得 Pharmabelle 拜拜蚊子噴霧乙支

【有獎遊戲】🎊 歡迎大家參加第一次Pharmabelle 每月一問遊戲,💪🏻 贏產品!(EN below)
A. 止痕
B. 驅蚊🦟👋🏻
C. 殺曱甴
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即有機會獲得🌱Pharmabelle 拜拜蚊子噴霧乙支(100ml/ $180), 🌿限量30支。
Welcome to Pharmabelle’s new game!
🌾What’s the function of Citronella?
A. Soothe itchiness
B. Keeps mosquitos away🦟👋🏻
C. Kills cockcroaches
Leave ur answer in the comment below , LIKE Pharmabelle Page & tag 3 friends for a chance to get a bottle of 🌱Pharmabelle Mosquito Goodbye Spray (100ml/ $180) 🌿30 bottles only!
Results will be announced on 15Jun. 🎉 Good luck