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宜家嚟Le Pain Quotidien 食飯,可享雙重獎賞

【Le Pain Quotidien| Keep Rewarding️】
原來宜家嚟Le Pain Quotidien 食飯,可享雙重獎賞!
1✨#現金券回贈 於尖沙咀中心及帝國中心餐飲消費每滿HK$400,可換HK$50餐飲優惠券,詳情▶? http://bit.ly/3b7Guu3
2✨#星期一雙倍里數 逢星期一嚟Le Pain Quotidien惠顧滿HK$300,更可賺雙倍亞洲萬里通里數,即每消費HK$1即賺 1 里!其他日子HK$2 = 1 里!(記得埋單前講聲「我要賺里數」)

Dine at Le Pain Quotidien and enjoy Double Rewards!
1✨ Earn a HK$50 Dining Coupon upon HK$400 spending. To know more▶? http://bit.ly/3b7Guu3 !
2✨ On Monday, you can also double up your Asia Miles from every meal over HK$300!
Monday: 1 Mile for every HK$1 spent
Tues - Sunday: 1 Mile for every HK$2 spent
Don't forget to say “Miles, please!” when you get the bill!

* T&C apply

Le Pain Quotidien Hong Kong
尖沙咀中心Tsim Sha Tsui Centre G38-39 & G45-G48
☎️ 2352 4588

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