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想獲得以「心靈勵志」為年度主題的香港書展門票?立即完成以下簡單步驟,便有機會得到香港書展免費門票2張,書迷到時可入手喜愛的書籍,再帶去Pacific Coffee一邊睇書一邊嘆咖啡🤓
1. 讚好 Pacific Coffee 的 Facebook 專頁
2. 於本帖留言tag 至少1位朋友,並留言「一起去書展吧」(例如:@Peter @Paul @Mary 一起去書展吧)
3. 於此表格提交聯絡資料 (https://forms.gle/ppZdYcR4TJ5eC3Nq8)



【Hong Kong Book Fair 2020 Free Admission Tickets Giveaway】
This year, the Hong Kong Book Fair takes on the theme Inspirational and Motivational Reading. Pacific Coffee Facebook fans now have a chance to win 2 free admission tickets by following these easy steps:
How to win:
1. Like Pacific Coffee Facebook page
2. Comment and tag at least 1 friend under this Facebook post (e.g. Let's go to the Hong Kong Book Fair 2020 together! @Peter @Paul @Mary)
3. Leave your information here: https://forms.gle/ppZdYcR4TJ5eC3Nq8

The 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th... participants to complete the steps above will be given 2 complimentary admission tickets for Hong Kong Book Fair 2020.

Submission deadline: Jul 7 (11:59pm)
Quota: 50 winners
Result announcement: On or before Jul 9