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Market Place【網購限定 -寵物用品優惠】

Market Place【網購限定 -寵物用品優惠】

為家中狗狗挑選優質用品同食糧,定必係每個主人最關心嘅事!所以Market Place Delivers 幫各位主人搜羅咗各款精選寵物用品同超值優惠,讓大家安於家中都享受到優質服務同用品!

現時於「Market Place Delivers 網上品味超市」買任何狗糧或用品送2包維多寶乾狗糧試食裝 100克,讓狗狗食得開心又放心!

快到「Market Place Delivers 網上品味超市」選購: https://bit.ly/3dK4LYt !

優惠期: 即日起至30/7/2020

此優惠只適用於「Market Place Delivers 網上品味超市」網上購物服務。每單限享贈品2包,以單一發票及折實價計算。優惠受條款及細則約束。貨品圖片只供參考。貨品數量有限,售/送完即止。

【 Online Exclusive - Pet Goods Promotion】

We definitely understand how important it is for dog owners to choose the best quality pet food and products for their beloved dogs . So, Market Place Delivers have sourced a range of quality pet products with attractive offers .

Now, buy any dog food or products at Market Place Delivers , free 2 packs of Vitapet dry dog food sample pack 100g!

Let's shop online at our site to enjoy the offers and our delivery service: https://bit.ly/2AgSRHV now!

Promotion period: From Now to 30/7/2020

Above promotion is applicable to the Market Place Delivers only. Each Transaction can entitle 2 packs of freebie only. only applicable to a single transaction. Terms & conditions apply. While stocks last.

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