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【28週年驚喜:送環保袋連燙章DIY 套裝】

【28週年驚喜:送環保袋連燙章DIY 套裝】
於7月份到門市購買或增值Perfect Cup卡滿$300 ,即可獲得28週年獎賞卡一張。完成卡上小任務後,即可獲贈環保袋連燙章DIY 套裝(零售價:$88)及標準裝手調飲品一杯!當中的小任務更包括「以$28 享用標準裝牛奶咖啡」之獨家優惠,齊來儲印花、換禮物啦😍
💗每售出/換領一個環保袋,Pacific Coffee便會向「音樂兒童基金會」捐出HK$10,支持他們的慈善工作。

【28th Anniversary Surprise: Get a tote Bag for free】
In July, purchase or top up the Perfect Cup Card in stores with $300 to receive a 28th Anniversary Rewards Card. Upon completion of the missions, customers will get one Tote Bag and Patch DIY Set (retail price: $88), and one tall size handcrafted beverage for free! One of the missions include getting a tall size Latte for $28 only. Collect stamps to redeem gifts starting today😍
💗For every tote bag sold or redeemed, we donate $10 to Music Children Foundation.
More about the missions and redemption: https://bit.ly/28totebg-en
More anniversary surprises: https://bit.ly/pcc28anni-en