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加價前最後搶購優惠-Vet Essential]

[加價前最後搶購優惠-Vet Essential]

Vet Essential月尾會加價啦! Vetopia特設9折優惠回饋大家&感謝一直支持我們. 優惠期至7月29日.如果有食這系列糧的主人可以儘快入貨了.


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[10%OFF Before Price Mark-up]

Vet Essential will have a price markup end of July. Vetopia would like to thank everyone for supporting us, please enjoy 10%OFF on Vet Essential Pet Food. Promotion valid until 29th July. Stock up for your pets now!

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✅Registered Veterinary Online Store
✅Prescription Diet Seller
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Vet Housecall: 9773 0372
Nurse Housecall: 9225 7395
TKO clinic: 2915 6266
East Island 24hr Animal Hospital: 2915 3999
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