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「捕捉最喜愛角落」有獎遊戲 贏取富衛1881公館豐禮品

不妨進入VR虛擬實境藝術展,拍下你最喜愛的作品或角落,並於留言和我們分享,答案最具創意的首33名參加者即有機會贏取 #富衛1881公館 豐富禮品(價值高達HK$300)!
1. 進入VR虛擬實境藝術展:bit.ly/1881-LiveCreateInspire
2. 以截圖方式拍下藝術展內最喜愛的地方或作品
3. 於此帖文之留言欄上載截圖及寫下分享原因,再標註兩位朋友
4. 答案最有創意的首3名參加者可獲得HK$300餐飲現金禮券一張,其後30名可各得限量版環保袋一個
【”Capture Your Favorite Spot” Game】
From colorful doodles, bright neon signs to patterned concrete blocks, each art piece showcases a distinctly unique style… So which one speaks to you the most?
While you’re touring the virtual online exhibition, take a picture of your favorite piece or spot and share with us your reason why, the 33 most creative messages will get a chance to win amazing gifts from #FWDHOUSE1881 (worth up to HK$300)!
1. Enter the virtual online exhibition: bit.ly/1881-LiveCreateInspire-EN
2. Take a screenshot of your favorite art piece
3. Upload the screenshot of your favorite art piece, followed by the reason why and tag 2 friends
4. The first 3 participants with the most creative answer will get a chance to win a HK$300 dining voucher, while the following 30 participants will receive a limited edition tote bag
Game Closing Date and Time: Aug 12, 2020 at 11:59pm
Terms and Conditions: bit.ly/31mDVRW
Co-hosted by HKMMDA