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【新登記 全新手機應用程式即送$30電子優惠券】

【新登記Market Place by Jasons全新手機應用程式即送$30電子優惠券】

Market Place by Jasons為您帶嚟更簡單方便、省時快捷嘅購物體驗!即日落單最快可以即日送貨^,依家新登記我哋手機應用程式即送$30電子優惠券*,首次喺Market Place by Jasons消費仲可以即賺3x yuu積分▴ ,立刻下載 http://onelink.to/qnf3k5 開始Shopping啦!

記得下載埋 yuu手機App登記做會員: https://bit.ly/32dohdS

*透過手機應用程式內單次淨消費滿$300即可使用電子優惠券。數量有限,送完即止。優惠受有關條款及細則約束 ,詳情請參閱手機應用程式。 圖片只供參考。

▴優惠只適用於 yuu會員,會員於手機應用程式購物付款前綁定 yuu ID方可使用此優惠。此優惠有效期:由即日至30/9/2020,此優惠適用於以下超市合共計算:Market Place by Jasons, Market Place, 3hreesixty, Oliver‘s The Delicatessen及Jason Ichiba。

# 適用於有關指明之產品。

【Sign up and get a $30 E-coupon on Market Place by Jasons mobile app】

Market Place by Jasons brings to you a faster, easier and more convenient shopping experience! Use our app and you may enjoy same-day delivery ^ earliest. Get a complimentary $30 E-coupon* on your first registration to our mobile app and earn 3x yuu points▴ on your first purchase at Market Place by Jasons. Download it here http://onelink.to/qnf3k5 and start shopping now!

Download the yuu mobile app: https://bit.ly/32dohdS

*First come first served. E-coupon can be used upon a single xnet purchase of $300 or above on our app. Term & condition apply, please refer the detail on our mobile app. Photos are for reference only.

▴This offer is only available to yuu members; For online shopping, members please link up yuu ID before payment. Promotion period: till 30/9/2020. The first transactions will be combined for calculations, including: Market Place by Jasons, Market Place, 3hreesixty, Oliver's The Delicatessen and Jason Ichiba.

# Applicable to the products specified as such.
^Delivery arrangement is subject to terms and conditions.

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