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AIA【登記免費2019冠狀病毒病保障 隨時隨地都有保障】

AIA【登記免費2019冠狀病毒病保障 隨時隨地都有保障】
香港同澳門市民、 AIA個人及團體保險客戶都可以獲享呢個免費保障!即刻Click 呢度 https://bit.ly/38R0P7x 下載同登記「友聯繫」啦!
想瞭解更多上述保障詳情,可以Click入 https://bit.ly/3bA2huO;另外,您亦可以瀏覽「友聯繫」網站 https://bit.ly/2QQ2x19 參閲用戶指南。
【Be on the Safe Side - Stay Protected with Free COVID-19 Cover!】
Stay cautious in the face of the global pandemic and sign up for AIA’s Free COVID-19 Cover*, with a total benefit worth of HK$/MOP165,000 payable per person, including:
✅HK$/MOP15,000 Diagnosis Benefit
✅HK$/MOP150,000 Compassionate Benefit
Hong Kong and Macau citizens, AIA individual and group insurance customers are eligible to enrol for the free cover. Click https://bit.ly/2Zo507K to download AIA Connect and register now!
Visit Campaign website: https://bit.ly/2UmWS4F for details and AIA Connect website https://bit.ly/2WQGb3o for the user guide.
*Terms & conditions apply
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