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Oliver’s【10月份 SUPER CLUB 優惠】

Oliver’s【10月份 SUPER CLUB 優惠】
今個10月憑Oliver’s SUPER CLUB 卡於任何分店惠顧超級套餐一份,即可享免費升級至酥皮湯(價值$12)及蜜糖雞翼 (價值$12)一份。此優惠不可與其他優惠及折扣並用 (包括SUPER CLUB會員折扣、優惠)。
按此瀏覽優惠詳情 www.olivers-supersandwiches.com/?page_id=16
(優惠適用於星期一至四下午6時後 / 優惠適用於三文治、焗薯、意粉及沙律餐 / 優惠受有關條款及細則約束,推廣詳情請參閱網頁內的優惠詳情)
[SUPER OFFER in October]
Wanting an abundant dinner after a long working day?
Come and enjoy a Super Combo with your Oliver’s SUPER CLUB Card and redeem for FREE upgrade to Puff Pastry Soup (value $12) & Honey Chicken Wings (value $12). Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offer and discount (including SUPER CLUB discount)
Click here to view offer details www.olivers-supersandwiches.com/?page_id=16
(This offer is valid from Monday to Thursday after 6pm / This offer is valid for Sandwiches, Baked Potato, Pasta and Salad sets / Terms & Conditions apply, please refer to our website for details.)
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