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方瑋恆 工程師
輸配電部 / 電纜及地下設施科
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Henry Fong, Engineer
Transmission and Distribution Department / Cables and Underground Facilities
Main duties: responsible for the installation, commissioning, testing, maintenance and emergency repairs of all power transmission and distribution cables in Macau
“The power system of a city is like a human body. The cables are like blood vessels crisscrossing all over the body, delivering blood and nutrients to different parts of the body to maintain its daily operation.
Macau’s power network is composed of underground cables, with more than 50,000 sections and a total length of more than 4,800km of transmission and distribution cables spreading across every corner of the city. The cable length can surround the entire coastline of Macau 63 times!
Power grid planning must be forward-looking. CEM’s current planning is up to the year 2035. Cable laying is not about the more the better, being too dense or too messy will affect power supply. Based on the annual plan, we need to calculate the curvature, length, tension and distance in the pre-design stage, and carry out on-site investigation, coordination, and supervision, etc. After all these have been done, it’s time for cable laying. It takes 70 to 90 days to lay a section of 600m high-voltage cable. The process includes trench construction, cable laying, testing, and backfilling three times over. If the weather is not good, it will take longer to complete. Whereas laying medium- and low-voltage cables takes about 20 to 30 days because of the shallower burial depths. The process of cable laying is very complicated, and the environment is different in each location, it brings me different challenges every time!
In addition, we also need to regularly check and maintain the cables in use. I’m like a vascular doctor who makes maintenance and prevention plans based on the age, condition, past medical history, and the examination results of patients (cables).
Time flies. I have been working at CEM for nearly 10 years, and the life experience gained during these years is as much as stars. I am so happy that this job has allowed me to make a meaningful contribution to Macau, and it has brought me a lot of achievements and a sense of superiority. This is my journey towards electrical professionalism!”
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