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【Kuiz-Quiz 第2季-韓國文化小測試】Oct 10

【Kuiz-Quiz 第2季 - 韓國文化小測試】Oct 10
10月第一次Kuiz-Quiz,今次主題係韓文!答對所有問題,即有機會獲獎,獲得Pengsoo Memo紙套裝乙份!
Oct's first Kuiz-Quiz is about Hangeul! Test how well do you know about Korean culture! (Gifts: Pengsoo memo pad set)
Click the link for playing Kuiz-Quiz. 5 out of those who get all questions correct would be selected randomly, and be awarded 1 small gift each.
*Gift: Randomly given out, including Korean characters products, transportation cards…etc.