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IKEA 快閃優惠

準備5、4、3、2、1..1..1..1..唔係窒機,係提你由11月7日起至11日,IKEA 有網上快閃優惠,過千款精選產品及床褥9折!而且買滿$400以上仲有得免費享用香港指定7-Eleven 包裹自提服務𠻹,咁就唔使同人迫啦,快啲睇下有咩產品啱自己同屋企人:bit.ly/3pcWbbI
Ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...1...1...1... That's not a stammer; it's a reminder that from now until 11 Nov, IKEA is having an online flash sale - over 1000 selected products and mattresses are now sold at 10% off! You can even enjoy 7-Eleven Parcel Pick-up Service for FREE at purchase of $400 or above! Check out the products and grab what you and your family need right now: bit.ly/38dxztj
Offer applicable to IKEA Hong Kong only