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【全新「滙豐交易薈」- 機遇,從來高人一線】

【全新「滙豐交易薈」- 機遇,從來高人一線】
生活想享受最Top ,投資當然都想有高一線嘅機遇!作為香港最佳股票投資經紀商*,我哋聽到你嘅需要並為你帶嚟更優越嘅投資體驗 。「滙豐交易薈」喺一個全新嘅股票交易獎勵計劃,畀你可享低至 0.01% 股票經紀佣金及高達 5%港元定期存款年利率^,並同時可享更方便、安全和值得信賴嘅投資服務。立即下載HSBC HK Easy Invest app並加入「滙豐交易薈」!了解更多:grp.hsbc/6188HES46
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^滙豐尚玉客戶可享 1個月定期存款5%年利率;其他滙豐客戶可享1個月定期存款4%年利率。年利率只供參考而非保證。
【HSBC Top Trader Club takes your trading to the top 】
We all want to get to the top in life, and that includes levelling up our investment opportunities!
As the best broker in Hong Kong*, we listened to your needs and we’re bringing you a whole new investment experience. HSBC Top Trader Club is a new loyalty stock trading programme which enables you to enjoy brokerage fees as low as 0.01% and up to 5% p.a. HKD time deposit rate^. With this, you’ll be able to connect to new opportunities and enjoy our convenient, secure and trustworthy investment services. Download the HSBC HK Easy Invest app and join now. Learn more: grp.hsbc/6189HES4B
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*Finance Asia awarded HSBC as HK Best Broker in 2019
^HSBC Jade customers can enjoy 5% p.a. for 1-month time deposit rate and other HSBC customers can enjoy 4% p.a. for 1-month time deposit rate. Rate may be subject to change and not guaranteed.