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每人免費獲得聖誕系列口罩 (5個; 隨機款式)!!
1. 讚好我哋嘅專頁「L’s Surgical Mask」
2. 喺呢個帖子下面留言:我想要LS聖誕系列口罩 + @1位朋友
3. 分享呢個帖子(一定要轉為公開帖子)
快啲Tag埋你嘅朋友仔入嚟分享呢個喜悅啦 人人有份,讚好我哋專頁,喺下面留言同分享啦!
Christmas Giveaway
L’s is giving out masks! It is totally FREE and NO limit of participates.
FREE to get this Christmas version masks after finishing these 3 steps below from TODAY until 23th Nov. Every participates can get 5 pcs of them in random.
1) LIKE our PAGE “L’s Surgical Mask”
2) Comment below and @ 1 friend to leave a msg ‘我想要LS聖誕系列口罩’ to them
3) Share this post (Must share it with public status)
Get it for FREE now! Tag your friends to share this joy LIKE our page, comment below and share this post.
We will check all the details in Dec and send INBOX message to who are qualified and completed all steps. Masks will be sent out by post office soon!