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Pacific Coffee 健康早餐之選 全新健康杯系列

健康早餐之選? 全新健康杯系列分別有:以「隔夜燕麥」方法製成的燕麥杯及滿載超級食物的奇亞籽杯。更特別用上植物奶,更加健康環保。2款健康杯營養豐富之餘,又非常飽肚!
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The new Wholesome Cup series is out? Try out the Oats Cup which uses the popular Overnight Oat recipe, or the hearty Chia Seed Cup - both full of nutrition and extra filling. What's more, plant-based milk makes the cups healthier and greener.
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*4 different flavours (banana, yuzu, red bean and strawberry) for each type of cups are available at all Hong Kong coffeehouses on a rotational basis.