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「營多送你開學禮!」有機會贏取$100 惠康超市禮券

營多Indomarket 營多送你開學禮 請大家記得贊好及分享我地尊頁 8月31號至9月4號期間, 只要Tag 2個好友並留言 「@好友帳號@好友帳號 趕快來參加營多送你開學禮!」有機會贏取$100 惠康超市禮券 (2位名額)。 (玩法: 只要在留言處「 @好友帳號(名字)」,即「在好友的帳號名稱前面先加”@”,就可以完成tag的動作」。 舉例:「@好友帳號@好友帳號 趕快來參加營多送你開學禮!」) #營多 #營多東南亞 #營多美食 #開學 #開學禮 #禮券 #惠康 #惠康超市 #玩遊戲 #標注朋友 #記得按大讚 #叫多d朋友參加 Tag and Like our Fanpage ! From 31 Aug to 4 Sep, 2018, tag 2 friends and leave message in this feed @ Friend @ Friend Come to participate in INDOMARKET Back to School ! take part to win $100 Wellcome supermarket Coupon (2 winners). (As long as in the message place @ friend account number (name), namely in the friend's account name before adding @ , can complete the action of the tag. Example: @ friend account @ Friend account Come to participate in INDOMARKET Back to School) 得獎通知 得獎者將於1星期內於Facebook上公佈及聯絡領取獎品方法。 Result Announcement Winner will be message by Facebook messenger after the game and will be announce on Facebook pages 條款及細則: 所有參賽者必須贊好Indomarket Fanpage及tag 2位好友並留言, 領獎時需提交給我們的工作人員核對並出示短信或FB messenger短信。營多東南亞美食市場保留最終決定權. (本公司員工及有關人士不得參加,以示公允) Terms & Conditions: All participants must Liked Indomarket Fanpage with tag 2 friends and leave message. Present to our staff with Facebook messenger message or FB messager message when claim the coupon. In case of any dispute, Indomarket decision shall be final and conclusive. (Employees of Indomarket or related parties are not eligible to participate in the Game.) https://www.facebook.com/indomarket.hk/photos/a.688214274675565/1105176022979386/?type=3