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有機會贏取兩份12週年慶特別驚喜 -「清酒搭配晚餐」

Lawry's The Prime Rib Hong Kong 「清酒搭配晚餐」已經推出了兩星期了,我們每晚與客人分享紀念時刻,見證每個歡樂笑臉。快來分享您在Lawry’s的快樂時刻,即有機會贏取兩份12週年慶特別驚喜 -「清酒搭配晚餐」,與您的摯愛共享醉人美饌! 參加方法: 1.讚好 LawrysHK Facebook 專頁 2. 讚好此貼文 3. 留言分享你在Lawry’s最快樂的回憶,並tag 上你想一起用餐的朋友及 #HappyMomentatLawrys 擁有最深刻的快樂回憶的兩位參賽者將勝出,每位得獎者可獲得「清酒配對晚餐」兩份(每份價值899港幣),可攜同一位親朋好友共享晚餐。 活動期由即日起至2018年10月5日23:59止。 得獎者將於2018年10月8日由Lawry’s The Prime Rib Hong Kong 於 Facebook 聯繫。 *受條款及細則約束:https://goo.gl/x1xKTR It has been two weeks since our sake pairing menu launch, such a pleasure seeing all the smiling faces and witness all the happy moments happening at Lawry’s every night. Share your special moment at Lawry’s and win two sets of 12th anniversary special – “Sake Pairing Dinner” (HK$899/person) with your loved one! How to join: 1. Like LawrysHK Facebook Page 2. Like this post 3. Comment your favourite moment at Lawry’s, tag the friend you want to dine with and hashtag #HappyMomentatLawrys Total two winners and each will be rewarded with two “Sake Pairing Dinner” that values at HK$899/person! Winner will be contacted directly on 8 October 2018. Participating period: From now till 23:59 of 5 October 2018. *Terms and Conditions: https://goo.gl/x1xKTR https://www.facebook.com/LawrysHK/photos/a.116290681906261/982756631926324/?type=3&permPage=1