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Jazz Up 爵士‧樂 【送「巴布羅.齊格勒拉丁爵士三重奏」音樂會門票】

Jazz Up 爵士‧樂 【送「巴布羅.齊格勒拉丁爵士三重奏」音樂會門票】 完成以下簡單步驟即有機會獲得「巴布羅.齊格勒拉丁爵士三重奏」音樂會門票2張: (1) 「讚好」爵士‧樂專頁; (2) 「讚好」此帖,並於留言回答:「我想參加『巴布羅.齊格勒拉丁爵士三重奏』音樂會。因為╴╴╴╴。」及標籤2位臉書上的朋友, (3) 「分享」此帖到個人臉書上,並將此帖設為「公開」。 活動由即日起至2018年10月14日(星期日)中午12時止,文化節目組將挑選留言最具心思者贈予「巴布羅.齊格勒拉丁爵士三重奏」音樂會門票兩張。得獎名單將於2018年10月14日(星期日)在爵士‧樂專頁內公布。 如有任何爭議,文化節組保留最終決定權。 文化節目組保留活動修改及終止活動之權利,恕不另行通知。 節目詳情請瀏覽:https://www.lcsd.gov.hk/…/Progra…/tc/music/programs_626.html 【Get free concert tickets of ‘Pablo Ziegler Latin Jazz Trio’】 You may win 2 concert tickets of ‘Pablo Ziegler Latin Jazz Trio’ for free by completing the following steps: (1) “Like” the Facebook fanpage of Jazz Up (jazzuphk); (2) “Like” this post , “Reply”: “I’d like to attend concert by the Pablo Ziegler Latin Jazz Trio because_____” and “Tag” 2 Facebook friends on this post; and (3) “Share” this post on your personal wall and set the privacy of the post as “Public”. The deadline of the campaign is 12 noon on 14 October 2018 (Sunday). Cultural Presentations Section will select winners with the most thoughtful answers and award each winner with 2 free tickets of ‘Pablo Ziegler Latin Jazz Trio’. List of the winners will be announced on the Facebook fanpage of Jazz Up (jazzuphk) on 14 October 2018 (Sunday). Should any dispute arises, the decision of Cultural Presentations Section shall be final. The Cultural Presentations Section reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this campaign and to terminate the campaign without prior notice. For details of programme please visit: https://www.lcsd.gov.hk/…/Progra…/en/music/programs_626.html https://www.facebook.com/jazzuphk/photos/a.543786299290748/729537710715605/?type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARA4H0DJTn8E4D9CDUOOtvUhs5_J0PBM0lfPNKVR4AySTOwIA_cbd58_tBwW6sCln3AOsFhDk5lqDgclhmhZTXiZUB_YjyoQfAwMHctRpJZBkSzhXrMael0QWiSD1yhVHqpxhQgCrsBWYCW0T2NY2oHcxfCifMp7lYoBzPxVeeBqbZIRoF28a_COJ66Fdv7vrbY2smrVDvIXucwekRypMg8zuNzCT7YGY7uV0Gab&__tn__=H-R