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【帝京酒店 喜迎新春Facebook有獎遊戲】有機會贏取別注版利是封乙套

Royal Plaza Hotel 【帝京酒店 喜迎新春Facebook有獎遊戲】 今個農曆新年除了品嚐佳節美食外,怎少得逗利是呢? 由2019年1月18日至20日,Facebook粉絲只需參加【帝京酒店 喜迎新春Facebook有獎遊戲】,並答對題目及完成以下步驟,即有機會贏取別注版利是封乙套,立即行動。 問題:圖中共有多少枚炮仗? 玩法: 步驟1:讚好及追蹤帝京酒店Facebook專頁及此帖子 步驟2:於以下表格填寫答案及個人資料 https://goo.gl/forms/zmiBuq0Ce4jyePEY2 步驟3:於留言位置標籤3位朋友一齊參加 截止日期及時間:2019年1月20日晚上11時59分 (香港時間) 獎品:別注版利是封乙套 (共30名) 賽果公佈:最快上載正確或最接近答案並完成以上步驟之首30位參加者即可獲得禮物,並將於1月23日透過電郵聯絡得獎者。 *受條款及細則所限,詳情請瀏覽: https://goo.gl/UN9n8A Royal Plaza Hotel Chinese New Year Celebration Facebook Game Do not miss out a series of auspicious cuisines and receive red packet this Chinese New Year! From January 18-20, 2019, join our “Royal Plaza Hotel Chinese New Year Celebrations Facebook Game” and you will get a chance to win a pack of Limited Edition Red Packet. Action Now! Question: How many firecrackers in the photo? How to Play: Step 1: Like Royal Plaza Hotel Facebook Page and this post Step 2: Leave your answer and complete your personal information in the google form https://goo.gl/forms/zmiBuq0Ce4jyePEY2 Step 3: Tag 3 of your friends in the comment box Prizes: A pack of Limited Edition Red Packet (30 winners) Submission deadline: January 20, 2019, 11:59pm (HK Local Time) Announcement: The first 30 participants with the correct or closest answer and follow the steps will be the winners. Winners will receive a redemption letter by email on January 23, 2019 *For Terms and Conditions, please access the link for more information: https://goo.gl/UN9n8A https://www.facebook.com/RoyalPlazaHotelHongKong/photos/a.409617339318/10157087420239319/?type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBbWaPHTqZJ7iXCX9ojdR-GM0l6GiiZjxy8lMNw1hipXO6ss1_aqH7J-wWz0axggpIR_bSIedi_jSpF6VAyVMNXR8Wx44OkIDWjPWc0h7UOmTDucFOc1mfDBqHNOpFb_ZFasSMaZ3dLy60SyqsWtqS-_d-3IwwSiS9Yr1HHCz5sWVGICzeykY7Kx2Q73PBJ564EO38Vms29RujDk7uzFyVRmtBoj3KScdVxkmsuD6GK6KIxesF9MDyFO4kt1HBZW-EBW7vZEJFx4tF1XoSvs7XyO2r0ZCYQeOqBZ0vzZN9oxKyNlQ2pNcf7V1gnlyv5kBtWbhrf0YAyyt0YIxsc1Q&__tn__=H-R