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【明報教育送 《浮沉大叔》換票證10張】

明報教育 【明報教育送 《浮沉大叔》換票證10張】 GIVEAWAY: Win a pair of ticket exchange coupons to Sink or Swim! Synopsis: A group of men at their forties, all on the verge of a midlife crisis (中年危機) decide to form the local pool's first ever synchronised swimming (韻律泳) team. Trained by a fallen alcoholic champion trying to pull herself together, the group of middle-aged men set out an unlikely adventure to the world championships. Title: Sink or Swim (《浮沉大叔》) Release Date: 24 January 2019 Distributor: Golden Scene Co. Ltd. - Film ▼ Read more in Culture Express: Dance to the music of your life https://news.mingpao.com/…/ar…/20190122/s00017/1548095620148 A bi-weekly update on the latest cultural events around the city _________________________________ 遊戲詳情: 1. 讚好「明報教育」facebook專頁(www.facebook.com/mingpaoeducation) 2. 讚好(Like)及公開分享(Share)此帖子 3. 用英文留言回答問題及tag 2名朋友:What are the common problems faced by your generation at the moment? 4. 經編輯部選出最佳答案者,可獲贈換票證2張,名額5個 5. 截止日期:2019年1月29日(二)晚上8時 條款及細則: - 得獎者將獲專人以PM方式通知領獎方法,換票證須受有關條款及細則約束 - 如有任何爭議,「明報教育」將保留最終決定權 https://www.facebook.com/mingpaoeducation/videos/338474963426494/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBO2P7qF96xs7c_Z0oZXaQ4dDvfx103SBiK9jY57ELQM0VAObYBn5h5PQi7pfxUp9MvFy4x-QZ52Thhsk82WrT7mJLcJsyQtfMP6NEHSFdM-1fj3Ssz6U2Q67_N6ZtkFl6Gdb7_yrnl1dGlgg0MQTjUZfYCrSQKHE7s0gmTr3w5yU-fTLmWe1rGrZFpvjpRsbBXpKSMOrrocV7y8IjnIRfa0ScAnyWaZ8cv5fxCbciQyQ3r9VSFJRjIPTsrmAsoeohQ7yBRXvvjYgZKEZlsc-zNoRnXeto2wskvUChCw-wX2KdP-DdMQtRTKg6676y6vbidBYBViRCv2UPtMD77pt9BI61y5ikJG5oFWA&__tn__=-R