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The Minute - 新年驚喜大抽獎 有機會贏取「Lady M 桔慶糖果全盒」

The Minute The Minute - 新年驚喜大抽獎???? 農曆新年是普天同慶的節日,The Minute當然要送大禮和大家一同慶祝,跟著以下步驟即有機會贏取含有多種寓意及祝福的「Lady M 桔慶糖果全盒」,盤滿砵滿的糖果盒內有6 款來自歐洲的精緻糖果,各位千萬不要錯過啦! 1. 讚好The Minute 官方專頁 2. 同時@1個FB朋友(要變左藍色先計) 3. 讚好並分享此帖文到你的個人Timeline上並設定為公開 完成以上步驟即有機會贏取「Lady M桔慶糖果全盒」!得獎者將有專人通知領獎詳情!♥️ 活動截止日期:‪2019年2月2日(截至晚上11:59‬) 相片來源:Lady M Hong Kong Facebook 官方專頁 The Minute - Awesome Chinese New Year Giveaway???? In order to celebrate Chinese New Year, The Minute offering a brilliant Chinese New Year gift to our loyalty audiences, simply follow the steps below to have a chance to win a box of Lady M’s Mandarin Deluxe Chest, don’t miss this chance! 1. Like our page @The Minute 2.@Tag one of your friend 3. Like & share this post (Set the privacy settings to “Public”) After the above steps, you can get a chance for lucky draw, the winner will be notified by Facebook with details of prize collection.♥️ Deadline: ‪2 February 2019‬ (Before ‪11:59pm‬) Photo credit: Lady M Hong Kong Facebook Fans Page https://www.facebook.com/TheMinute.Fans/photos/a.1975163629178005/2718521704842190/?type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARA61ZWcfUEWFIAJJP3h89N8cAdO7__tpa30SRi30dsa8An7HekN6RvLGw2BN89VtnuZmlIRAZBQmUgJqFkwE9hWlgJbmIoR4TpO4qBFek16fsaCUwkEAiGNmMiKH4y2FSR_IEr1eUQszlTg6y2ClUQXNPlXW7JMOgZfTRO9pizkSz94JqKR-vIVe4vJkpnYYvssqbPAsCs5j38zvJbAYxF0J6O9Nmvq-E6j7oWZ4_3yqPaouKt9ayrN6HbZ7by0qKV6PC1B7xeScixHQxF7CptL-FDN2HyQfxuopy9hC3uADBiFiqtLmp9VDial9V2VOQZfxM5i2icfereVqnOFKZYlNrKV-aX2Q8DB7X2nmjzLvAoYnAsj1Ew6&__tn__=H-R