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Gateway Hotel, Marco Polo Hotels: 情人節讓大家可為另一半親手佈置獨一無二的心型士多啤梨慕斯蛋糕,甜蜜窩心。

Gateway Hotel, Marco Polo Hotels Just two weeks till Valentine’s Day! Try something different this year, with the D.I.Y. dessert counter at Three on Canton. Our heart-shaped strawberry mousse cake will send your loved one swooning. 仲有兩星期就到情人節啦! Three on Canton於情人節當日為自助餐賓客特別設計了自創甜品專櫃,讓大家可為另一半親手佈置獨一無二的心型士多啤梨慕斯蛋糕,甜蜜窩心。 Enquiries 查詢 : 2113 7828 WhatsApp instant booking 即時訂座:5217 6428 Online Reservations 網上訂座: http://bit.ly/ThreeOnCantonChope Enroll now to become a Marco Polo Elite member and enjoy a range of special offers. 立即申請成為馬哥孛羅 饗.樂薈會員可享尊貴優惠。 https://marcopoloelite.com/MembershipBenefits 條款及細則: 優惠如有更改,恕不另行通知