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Café Kool 【祝你新一年圓玉潤】

Café Kool 【祝你新一年圓玉潤】 美食一浪接一浪!✨Café Kool 一系列滋味推介包括即開法國生蠔、加拿大原隻開邊龍蝦、麵包蟹、鱈埸蟹、梳乎厘班戟及國際美食讓你大飽口福!貴賓金環會會員於2月預訂Café Kool 自助餐更可享低至7折優惠及賺取雙倍積分!立即查看優惠詳情: http://bit.ly/ckfebfb19 Café Kool serves an endless spread of gourmet dishes. An array of international culinary delights, including freshly shucked French oysters, Canadian lobsters, brown crabs, snow crabs, soufflé pancakes and many more premium delicacies. Golden Circle members can now enjoy up to 30% saving on buffets, plus earn double GC Award Points for reservations this February. Book now : http://bit.ly/ckfebfb19 --- 使用優惠碼「ZZTHGC0119」預訂即日至2月28日之午市及晚市自助餐 Reserve online on or before 28 Feb 2019 by using promotion code : 「ZZTHGC0119」 * 部分食品只限晚市供應。 * Some food items are available during dinner buffet only. 條款及細則: 優惠如有更改,恕不另行通知