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有機會贏取旅遊禮券或 HK$150 Uber 乘車優惠

Uber 【留言感謝 3 位司機夥伴 • 解鎖鼓舞彩蛋】 當司機夥伴帶畀你優質嘅服務時,5 星評分係咪唔足以表達你嘅謝意呢? 每次當你完成行程,而且當你畀咗 5 星評分司機夥伴之後,就可以立即留言感謝佢哋㗎喇!相信文字嘅溫度會令司機夥伴會心微笑,亦能夠鼓勵佢哋再接再厲,為乘客提供更優質嘅服務。 鼓舞彩蛋小貼士:唔知留言講咩好?直接同佢講你多謝佢啲乜就得㗎喇!例如:「好多謝你咁有耐性,扶我嫲嘛上落車」或者「你揸車好定啊,多謝你安全送我返屋全」等。每個司機夥伴畀你嘅乘車體驗都唔同,相信佢哋收到嘅留言都係獨一無二嘅! ============ 由今日起至 4 月 22 日,你只需留言感謝 3 位司機夥伴,就可以立即解鎖「鼓舞彩蛋」!如果你仲未輸入遊戲碼參與,就快啲了解吓遊戲玩法喇!只要你夠快解鎖曬 7 隻彩蛋,同時又搭得多程數嘅話,就有機會贏取旅遊禮券 (總值$ 10,000;名額:2 個) 或 HK$150 Uber 乘車優惠 (名額:200 個)添! 【遊戲玩法】 1. 打開帳號內嘅「付款設定」 2. 喺 4 月19 日或之前喺「新增優惠碼」度輸入遊戲碼:HAPPYEASTER,或者撳呢條 link,一鍵輸入遊戲碼啦: http://t.uber.com/HAPPYEASTER 3. 你已經成功參與 Uber 復活彩蛋大挑戰喇,快啲搭車解鎖彩蛋啦 *遊戲詳情 (含條款及細則):http://t.uber.com/hkeaster_zh 【Give a compliment to three driver-partners • Unlock the Grateful Egg】 Feel like a 5-star rating isn’t enough to express gratitude for your driver-partner’s quality service? Each time you give a 5-star rating to your driver-partner, you can also leave a compliment to thank him or her! Not only will the warmth conveyed through your words put a smile on your driver-partner’s face, these compliments also encourage our driver-partners to keep providing quality service for future customers. Not sure what to write? Keep it simple! A direct word of thanks will do. For example, “Thanks for your patience in helping my grandma get on and off the car” or “Thanks for safely getting me home with your steady driving.” ============ From today until April 22nd, if you complete your mission in time, unlock all 7 of our Easter Eggs, and take the most rides, you will have the chance to win big! The top 200 participants who complete the most rides will win HK$150 Uber ride discounts, and the top 2 participants will win a travel voucher worth $10,000! How many Easter Eggs will you be able to unlock? Start riding to compete now! Game Rules 1. Select “Payment” in your Uber app account 2. Click on “Add Promo Code” and enter the game code: HAPPYEASTER before April 19th (or click on the link below to enter the game code: http://t.uber.com/HAPPYEASTER 3. You have successfully joined Uber’s Easter Egg Challenge. Ride now to unlock all your eggs! *For more details, including Terms and Conditions, click here: http://t.uber.com/hkeaster_en https://www.facebook.com/UberHongKong/photos/a.1442204486039744/2254799468113571/?type=3&permPage=1