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【豬手急噏令 Rap住送出480隻豬手】

Beerliner German Bar & Restaurant 【豬手急噏令 Rap住送出480隻豬手】 話嗮慶祝賣出豬手30萬隻,又點止優惠咁簡單,我地仲會喺4月16-18日及4月23-25日共6晚有豬手急噏令贏免費豬手活動! 每晚7點開始分別係屯門、葵芳、沙田及朗豪坊4間分店同大家玩急口令遊戲,5秒內完成就可以贏免費豬手一隻。每晚每間店送出名額20個,總共會送出480隻豬手架!宜家練定,到時見啦! 《急口令》 德式豬手要Lecker 梗係要嚟Beerliner 泰式辣味撞日式 冬蔭味噌最出色 【Speed Up! Knuckle! - FREE 480pcs Pork Knuckles!】 During April 16-18 & 23-25 nights, a tongue twister challenge will be held in Beerliner Tuen Mun, Kwai Fong, Shatin and Mongkok outlets during campaign period start at 7pm. If you can finish the sentences within 5 second, a free pork knuckle coupon will be given to you. Are you fast enough to take the challenge? https://www.facebook.com/BeerlinerGermanBarAndRestaurant/photos/a.373483902713355/2215483538513373/?type=3&permPage=1