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【翡翠小廚 - 小份誘惑,多碟分享有獎遊戲】有機會贏走翡翠餐飲現金券$200

翡翠餐飲集團 Crystal Jade HK 【翡翠小廚 - 小份誘惑,多碟分享有獎遊戲】 每次食親潮州鹵水都會出現選擇恐懼症嘅困局,因為鹵水太多選擇,又樣樣都好想食,都唔知點揀好!如果你都有同樣煩惱,由一般鹵水變身成「鹵‧點」就啱晒你啦,因為你可以自行組合同配搭翡翠小廚多款不同嘅鹵味小食,鹵水選擇有鵝件、墨魚、豆腐等,一次過滿足晒你多個願意,實行小份誘惑,多碟分享! 係咪睇到流晒口水呢,由即日起至5月22日中午12點,而家只要答一條好簡單的問題就有機會贏走翡翠餐飲現金券$200 (共10份)! 【遊戲玩法3部曲】 1. Like左呢個Post先 同 翡翠餐飲集團專頁 2. 留言:翡翠小廚的鹵點,並Tag三位摯友 3. 回答專頁Messenger inbox並回答問題 遊戲期限至5月22號中午12點正 【Crystal Jade Kitchen – Social Small Plates. Dine and Share Prize-Winning Game】 Are you having decidophobia every time you are going to have marinated dishes due to the wide variety of ingredients available and the great taste of all the dishes? If you share this trouble, “Petite Marinated Dishes”, which are transformed from traditional marinated dishes, are perfect for you. Because you can freely choose and combine different marinated delicacies such as goose pieces, squid and tofu all in one dish, satisfying your wishes all at a time. Come to enjoy our social small plates, dine and share! Feeling hungry already? All you need to do is to answer a simple question in FB Inbox by 12 pm of 22 May 2019. You will then stand a chance of winning a “HK$200 Crystal Jade Coupon”. We offer 10 quotas! 【3-Step Rule】 1. Like this post and Crystal Jade FB Fans Page 2. Comment below: “翡翠小廚的鹵點”, and tag three friends 3. Answer the question in Messenger Inbox. Deadline is 12 pm of 22 May 2019. https://www.facebook.com/crystaljade.hk/photos/a.351030971735850/1178915968947342/?type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCfpcDdXTxnYQGnximIh2rSs3D6Mf02Jx_Z5NHerBE8yqVfPaOoyULHhiUyCqTNQSQliXqiNBcLDuDfhaBdJCnUqoWsWQy9I8Lx7VG-BREUwENfVGvUggXY2IzKHjaokUwtkLkuPlZlBHJuDp4zYmBJbEz5x13UKCAAmL8KnWZu_wBterdjOyAnk9XErA34_piSKzu1CSv2csiz3vzTWIq40-wMsmy3E_sxm8SRemoY0kPpGJn9rs7Kt5AG9Kjqq9Tj3wqfXuRasf4JDeTohywMu2zQ6SwwNL0NXdAdEfD_pVe2wI97NRFSfTr9MIbm21AFTci90wkFotosbaPWZRBF&__tn__=H-R