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澳電 CEM Facebook快閃有獎活動 有機會獲UA戲票2張

澳電 CEM 【周末鬆一鬆】Facebook快閃有獎活動 只需"讚好"澳電Facebook專頁,並在下方留言正確答案及標籤三位好友,即有機會獲UA戲票2張。 你知唔知道,原來澳電吉祥物──螢火蟲「光仔」啲Friends一直啟發唔少科學家架。最近科學家就發現,透過______(?)______,可以將LED發光效率提高到90%! A) 將LED燈泡油成黑色 B) 於LED中創建仿效螢火蟲的「燈籠」的不對稱金字塔狀微結構 C) 把LED燈泡製成螢火蟲形狀 ** 截止時間為周日(5月19日)23:59。 *** 正確答案及得獎結果將於下周二(5月21日)公佈。 【Weekend Chill】Facebook flash lucky draw Simply “Like” our Facebook page, leave the correct answer and tag 3 Facebook friends in the comment section below to grab the chance to win 2 x UA movie tickets. Did you know that our firefly mascot Light Buzz’s friends have been the source of inspiration for scientists? Just recently, scientists found that the luminous efficiency of LED can be increased to around 90% by: A) Covering the LED bulb in black B) Mimicking the asymmetrical pyramid microstructures of fireflies’ lanterns in LED C) Making firefly-shaped LED bulb ** Submission deadline will be on Sunday (19 May) 23:59. *** Correct answer and winning result will be announced next Tue (21 May). https://www.facebook.com/CEMMacao/photos/a.258820814204968/2187501198003577/?type=3&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBWYquzfDnKwcAN_69Pw76q_KfqtC2KB2c0Uh9CRCDUTr9xUjy_vIthtXso02bwEcPX-uAZmRmR95uZ2IY0xJBLRch5P-t0D9hWt1x8q5ndqB85XgQcfTNbalwGP4rcAntjNW1IQI7Ibe1cJhy9IXwymBzwGjUEEwmnwSgIITbDBqMNnahDgQ0OjQESShIHq403X1zct5NBDY6zUfdtbkwTIxRDGGk1LTq3cUsTOu7THeRIgZTyHsiDpxHRslqrpTIYeGG0SFzKuS2KLbZlGLEVRxOqFnxwCI3ZtpO4JEfJ4OOlaG_50B7gYC16mXRqH_XZVEiPMJ1KHO5IT_X6gozWBw&__tn__=H-R