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Prince Hotel, Marco Polo Hotels Guess and Win! Our durian themed afternoon tea buffet is back by popular demand, taking place at weekends across May and June at add@Prince. Guess how many durian desserts there are in our video and you have a chance to win a Durian Indulgence Afternoon Tea voucher for 2 people. How to Play: 1. Like this post, leave your answer in the comment box and tag two friends 2. The first 3 participants with the correct answer will be awarded a complimentary Durian Indulgence Afternoon Tea for 2 people at add@Prince. 3. Only the first submission will be accepted 4. Deadline for submissions is 27 May 2019 (Monday), 12:00nn 5. Winning announcement will be made on 29 May 2019 (Wednesday) 以榴槤為主題的下午茶自助餐於5、6月份的週末載譽歸來!猜猜片段中出現了多少款榴槤甜品,有機會贏取榴槤主題下午茶自助餐禮券 (2位用)。 參加辦法: 1. 讚好此帖子,在留言欄內寫出答案並標籤2位朋友 2. 首3位答對的粉絲可免費享用榴槤主題下午茶自助餐(2位用) 3. 以首次提交的答案為準 4. 所有答案必須於2019年5月27日 (星期一) 中午12時前提交 5. 得獎名單將於2019年5月29日(星期三) 公佈 https://www.facebook.com/PrinceHongKong/videos/2375209429386420/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBTVB3XY0hI_y48LjdZK-6CdpEi3E9mcZ-kAHdy4qnB7mzgQoU0tB9u6SMzb5Ulm_aC86WzDCFdRGGf-rbHPLtg4feZRYByNL_Vg3a6G8wXGwd1mTGCacRNH5IwlL5k0Z0F0Oqxr9wBYR_jhLdySpI06GyjDgm2oLgyM27G8LunR5PhcUMt6mi5QPvyeaHp_9g0sy6QAKe8vN6_S2czGGBb6F98zKOeozHcjf-rnqEC71hy95BIDOwlPYXvF1drdpo4dfD9-IXPuQFvTvmo9JbViOjWSd_T85EDeuy8_DfW_vTFIRHHfkHjYC-BKokCwfZIY_3Z7yltQJF_R_xJzvYbOOet_EO2eEnCDg&__tn__=-R