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PIBU PIBU太古城中心誠品店領取20ml Shampoo 或 Body Wash 的試用裝

PIBU PIBU太古城中心誠品店領取20ml Shampoo 或 Body Wash 的試用裝 夏天為大地帶來熾熱的陽光,嫩滑的肌膚在陽光的刺激下容易乾燥,塗lotion又怕‘黐立立’?Pibu Pibu 沐浴露保濕效果極佳,舒緩肌膚問題,令你的肌膚長期水潤健康,任何時候都無負擔,好好享受夏日。 現在PIBU PIBU推出體驗活動,各位只需要Like 以及share PIBU PIBU Facebook專頁(pibupibu_global)就到PIBU PIBU太古城中心誠品店領取20ml Shampoo 或 Body Wash 的試用裝。 *活動由2019年6月15日開始,數量有限,送完即止 :heart:Get your PIBU PIBU 20ml sample now!:heart: Summer is coming up! :sun_with_face: However, it doesn’t come alone, Summer comes with the bright sunshine and yes, dry skin. :thinking_face::sunny::sweat_drops:Even with lotion, skin will soon get sticky and irritated. But, don’t worry. :i_love_you_hand_sign::skin-tone-2: PIBU PIBU body wash will give you an excellent moisturizing effect, soothing skin problems, and keep your skin moist and healthy. We will make your Summer shine with barrier created with rich bio ingredients protecting your skin from the blinding sun light.:woman-raising-hand::sparkles: If you want to enjoy the Summer with PIBU PIBU body wash, just :+1:like and :arrows_counterclockwise:share this page (pibupibu_global). Then get your 20ml PIBU PIBU Shampoo or Body Wash sample at :point_right:Taikoo City Center Eslite! (G floor G019):point_left: *This event will start on June 15, 2019 and will continue until the limited stock lasts.) 條款及細則: 優惠如有更改,恕不另行通知