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HK Express: 來回長崎機票 單程票價 由HKD 258*起

HK Express: 來回長崎機票  單程票價 由HKD 258*起

長崎有好多令人著迷嘅地方,特別喺秋天嘅時候!御橋觀音寺、雲仙仁田嶺、轟峽等紅葉滿天嘅景象都令人畢生難忘。即日起至 8 月 18 日,購買來回或多城市來回長崎機票,單程票價 由HKD 258*起。即刻上 http://bit.ly/2Kt6shy 訂飛啦,置身感動人心嘅美景啦!


The vibrant fall colours will definitely woo your heart, for it’s just too gorgeous to be true! Give a shout-out to some of the beautiful views in Nagasaki, including Ohashi Kannon-ji, Mount Unzen, Todorokikai and a lot more, and please your eyes with seasonal sceneries overloaded with red leaves! From now till 18 August, book your return or open-jaw ticket all the way to Nagasaki with fares from HKD 258*! Click http://bit.ly/2ZTQfHm to book your flight now and reach out to the best autumn-leaf viewing spots!

*Limited availability, terms and conditions apply. Fares exclude tax and surcharges.

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