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正處於發育期中嘅嬰孩,難免會跑跑跳跳,所以必須為佢哋添置既舒適又方便走動嘅服裝!將孩子需要置於首位嘅Miki House,其衣服無論係原料、剪裁定係設計,通通方便孩童伸展四肢以及四圍郁!而由即日起至6/10期間,凡於崇光銅鑼灣店7/F Miki House專櫃,購買2019秋冬童裝滿$1,800 (SOGO Rewards會員滿$1,200),即送貼紙圖書1本 (價值$60);而購物滿$1,000 (SOGO Rewards會員滿$700),即可以優惠價$20換購以上圖書1本。立即嚟為小朋友置新衫啦!

【Wardrobe Update For the Little Ones】
Small kids are always on the move! Therefore it’s essential to dress them in comfortable and stretchy clothing at all times! Miki House has always put children’s needs first when it comes to the design, cutting and materials used for its collection! From now until 6/10, receive a complimentary Miki House sticker book (worth $60) upon purchase of $1,800 ($1,200 for SOGO Rewards members) on the 2019 Fall Winter Kid’s Collection. Or, redeem the sticker book at a special price of $20 upon purchase of $1,000 ($700 for SOGO Rewards members)! Time to get some new clothes for your beloved!

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