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HK Express 賞秋優惠 機票單程 HKD 88起

【Autumn Travel Deals】

微風吹拂,黃葉飛絮,秋意漸濃就係時候......食好嘢!特別係日本、韓國呢啲四季分明嘅地方,每個月都有不容錯過嘅當造食材。而家就去http://bit.ly/2kB7U7w 訂飛,嚐盡首爾鮮甜嘅醬油蟹、鹽烤錢魚;肥美嘅廣島蠔土手鍋;同埋長崎喺 9 – 10 月底舉行嘅「小濱溫泉晚霞蟹祭」體驗蒸蟹啦!

由 9 月 16 日(09:00)至 9 月 22 日(23:59),購買 26 個精彩航點嘅來回或多城市來回機票,單程低至 HKD 88* 起!


Feel the autumn wind swirling up, see the golden foliage falling from above, smell the earthy scent; fall is right around the corner to…increase your appetite! The perfect time to hunt down the seasonal autumn specialities in Japan and Korea has finally come! Click http://bit.ly/2lUyjgU to book your flight now and get on a food pilgrimage to please your stomach with the famous Korean gejang crab, Hiroshima oyster stew, as well as the must-eat flower crabs at Obama Onsen!

From 16 Sep (9 AM) to 22 September (11:59 PM), purchase our return or open-jaw tickets to any of the 26 destinations with fare from HKD88*!

*Limited availability, terms and conditions apply. Fares exclude tax and surcharges.