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【限量發售!Marvel Legends系列美國隊長圓盾】

【限量發售!Marvel Legends系列美國隊長圓盾 及 鐵甲奇俠電子頭盔| 玩具”反”斗城網上預購】
【LIMITED OFFER! Marvel Legends Series Shield & Electronic Helmet | Pre-order at Toys”R”Us】
英雄熱潮永不減退?!Marvel最新推出1:1嘅美國隊長圓盾 - 漫畫色??,神級還原美國隊長嘅漫畫原色?,色彩更鮮艷奪目,玩具”反”斗城限量發售60個!
同樣係1:1比例嘅鐵甲奇俠電子頭盔 - 制裁者特別版⛑️,靈感源自Marvel動作電子遊戲“未來之戰”,不單塗上制裁者嘅特別配色,面罩仲可開啟並會發光同發聲??,限量發售24個,非常珍貴!
The trend of hero never ends?! The latest 1:1 Marvel Legends Series Captain America Classic Shield is designed to replicate the classic look of the character in the Marvel Comics Universe. It features the detailed sculpting and premium finishing that is perfect for Marvel fans’ collection?. Limited to only 60pcs at Toys”R”Us!
Inspired by the Marvel video game “Future Fight”, the 1:1 full-scaled “the Punisher Electronic Helmet”⛑️ features premium sculpting and unique colour of the character, comes along with a detachable faceplate with electronic lights and sounds??. Extremely rare and limited, only 24pcs available at Toys”R”Us!
Pre-order at Toys”R”Us online shop from now until 30 September?. https://bit.ly/2kTjKK4