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由即日起至2019年10月31日,逢星期四、五憑恒生信用卡喺香港 IKEA單一簽賬淨值每滿HK$700,激賺額外$80 Cash Dollars,其他日子亦可賺額外$25 Cash Dollars!
提提你,只要同時使用流動支付,每項簽賬可再賺額外$10 Cash Dollars。
即打2998 6000登記,選擇語言後按「4」字!詳情請睇 http://bit.ly/2msJoX8
From now till 31 October, 2019, you can earn extra $80 Cash Dollars on every Thursday and Friday and extra $25 Cash Dollars on any other day upon a single net spending of every HK$700 in IKEA Hong Kong with Hang Seng Credit Card!
What’s more? You can earn extra $10 Cash Dollars for each transaction made by Mobile Payment at the same time!
Call 2998 6000 to register now! (Press “4 after language selection). Visit http://bit.ly/2mC3OwM for details.