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每整一對皮鞋需要處理104個部位,並經過130個步驟,用上80個經驗老到嘅師傅,歷時24日先至可以完成 —— 呢個就係擁有100多年歷史嘅日本經典皮鞋品牌REGAL,一直所沿用嘅「固特異製法」(GOOD YEAR WELT),令所製成嘅皮鞋,壽命可長達20年或以上!想瞭解更多關於REGAL皮鞋嘅手工藝,就由即日起至4/11期間,嚟崇光銅鑼灣店6/F REGAL專櫃睇歷史展覽之餘,購買REGAL鞋履護理產品仲可以享有9折優惠,記得唔好錯過喇!

【The Best of The Best among Japanese Leather Shoes Industry】
104 parts to handle and 130 steps to go through within 24 days, with the power of 80 experienced craftmen... That is what it takes to make a pair of leather shoes from REGAL, a Japanese classic leather shoes brand with over a hundred years of history. The special GOOD YEAR WELT technique creates shoes that are able to stay well for over 20 years! If you are interested to know more about the sophisticated craftmenship of REGAL, visit REGAL History Museum at SOGO Causeway Bay Store 6/F REGAL counter, which is their first time to exhibit a history museum outside of Japan! Moreover, enjoy a 10% discount upon any purchase on their shoecare products! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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