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Café Kool【自助餐高達65折】

Café Kool【自助餐高達65折】
來到年底又是吃自助餐的好時候!這個11月,蒞臨Café Kool盡享多款海鮮、刺身、烤肉及甜品並尊享Kool Deal折扣優惠。請於11月7日前預購餐劵: http://bit.ly/KoolDeal1911fbch

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As the tail end of the year draws near, treat yourself to a feast of seafood, sashimi, grilled meats, desserts and more! Pre-purchase your buffet vouchers by 7 November 2019 to enjoy discount offers: http://bit.ly/KoolDeal1911fb