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喺一個快速發展嘅城市中,電力基礎設施的建設必須先行,我們持續引入更先進的變電站自動化技術以配合與日俱增嘅電力需求, 致力為澳門市民提供優質的供電, 喺澳電工作近30年嚟,我正正目睹呢一切嘅變化,而我們的主變電站的數目亦由入職時的個位數變為現在的三十多個
作爲一名工程師,工作充滿挑戰,尤其是女工程師! 喺入職的時候公司女工程師非常少,只有2位,大家印象中嘅工程界一直係「男性嘅天下」,但喺我工作咁多年的經驗中,發覺電力這行業,其實都很適合女性的,只要能堅持,多學習,多探索,常保持自信,無論男女,都可以表現得很出色! 現在公司的女工程師已經有20位了!我認為只有建立扎實的根底,保持良好的工作態度,才能在工作中佔據核心嘅位置。
隨著澳門賭權開放,用電需求增加,主變電站設計施工嘅工作量亦大大增加。近十年來隨著智慧電網嘅普及,已逐漸代替傳統嘅工作模式。從事電力這行業所需求的知識, 亦變得多元化, 除了要有札實的核心根基外,也必須對行業發展保持高的靈敏度,不斷的更新知識。目前公司新進好多年輕工程師,我本人亦好願意將自己嘅經驗傳授比佢地,同時亦希望呢班新進工程師可以發揮個人所長,一同為澳門嘅電力行業開拓一片新天地。
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I am Eva from CEM’s Transmission and Distribution Department. I have been working in CEM for 27 years. My current duties mainly involve the design and approval of primary substation projects.
Primary substation is the place for voltage conversion. During the process of power transmission, in order to reduce the loss , the power generated from the generators have to be raised to high voltage, high voltage electricity is transmitted then lowered to low voltage for customers to use. Such work concerning the raising/lowering of voltage is carried out by substations.
In a fast-growing city, the construction of electric power infrastructure must be ahead of its time. We continue to introduce advanced automation technology for substations to meet the increasing power demand and strive to provide quality power services to Macau citizens. For nearly 30 years working in CEM, I have witnessed all these changes. The number of our primary substations has changed from single digit at the time of my entry to more than 30 now.
As an engineer, the work is full of challenges, especially for a female engineer! At the time I joined the company, there were only 2 female engineers. Everyone had an impression that the engineering profession is always a “male world”, but according to all those years of my working experience, I found that the power industry is actually very suitable for women. As long as you persist, learn more, explore more and always maintain self-confidence, both men and women can equally perform well! Now the company has 20 female engineers! I believe that one can only occupy a core position at work by establishing a solid foundation and maintaining a good working attitude.
Since the liberalization of Macau’s gambling monopoly, the demand for electricity has increased and the workload for the design and construction of primary substations has also increased significantly. With the popularization of smart grid in