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HK Express【旅。由此起】

HK Express【旅。由此起】
【WanderMust Sale】

你,仲記唔記得嗰一個令你愛上旅行嘅原因?係喺濟州松島嘅海上纜車,一邊搖搖曳曳,一邊欣賞大海嘅悠閒?抑或係喺清邁,同雪白可愛嘅綿羊打成一片嘅回憶?定係喺福岡企喺角島大橋上,感受微風吹拂,眺望大海盡頭嘅時光?由即日起至 11 月 17 日,購買 25 個精彩航點來回或多城市來回機票,單程票價由 HKD 78* 起!即刻上 http://bit.ly/2pP1Bjn 訂飛,搵返當初嗰份感動啦。


To take a break fully away from disturbance from everyday hassle, one must wander to the most exotic or relaxing locations, and wander you MUST! Could it be the Matsushima Maritime Cable Car in Jeju, the pathway to embracing the vast, azure sea? Or the social time with a flock of cotton-candy-like white sheep in Chiang Mai? Or the stunning sceneries of the Sea of Japan while crossing the Tsunoshima Bridge in Fukuoka? From now till 17 November, book our return or open-jaw tickets to any of the 25 destinations and enjoy fares from HKD 78*! Click http://bit.ly/2p0ytoC to book your flight now and awaken the forgotten travel passion from you!

*Limited availability, terms and conditions apply. Fares exclude tax and surcharges.

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